For the love of pants!

October 28, 2009

Pants are fundamental in this day and age, and note, wearing bike shorts as an alternative is not a welcome substitute. People will notice that your thighs are out, and if those people are a fellow pant-enthusiasts you may have to use your legs for running and not just for looking astounding in patterned, colourful or woven material. Put your unsightly knees away. Wriggling into beautiful coatings for our stems is what my partner and I are all about, and appreciating the variety of such pin-huggers was deemed a necessity between us.

I put forward the taboo topic and edgy style of knitted pants.
Yes, knitted pants. The way of the future, and evidently the way of the past, as seen in this gorgeous Sears book.

pants sears
The stunning forest and moss/olive-green elf-suit is perfectly topped off with a chunky knit flare pant.

pants stripe
These super furry knit stovepipes radiate nothing more than comfort. Lime green crocs and orange socks are a travesty and should never be seen unless you are wearing knit pants, in which case you have redeemed yourself.

pants baby
This lucky infant’s parents are no strangers to the knit pants, perfect coordination with the stroller, puffer vest and tartan hat must be noted.

pants grey
A clear favourite for pregnant women and people who have cat scratching poles and beige as the main features of their home, an amazing addition to your wardrobe.

pants flares

knit rebel
For those rebellious caught-in-the-60’s gals, knit pants are perfect for you and your style. Your choice between super flares or simple straight knits will both possess the ‘phwoaaar’ factor, given that you stand in front of a noticeably graffiti’d wall or wear a handkerchief as a shirt to keep your endearing take-no-guff-from-no-fucking-swine attitude.

pants hammer
Even MC Hammer dabbled in knit pants, and look how purely content he is about it.

pants cashmere
Pedal pusher elastic bottom knit pants. Like an endangered species, these are an ultimate rarity and a thing of beauty that should be preserved for as long as possible.

pants indie

pants trendy

Now of course, like all things good, the old is new again and knit pants are quickly becoming the choice of cape-wearing indiefucks. Although, this is not at all shocking. Knit pants provide a soft, warm, boredom free alternative to other bottoms, an understandable clear pick for trendy parasites.

This example of knit pants is of course my ultimate favourite. Slight flared bottom to make way for chubby baby legs and a no-fuss, simple white rope as a sufficient belt. This and the perfectly executed R2-D2 makes the magnum opus of knitted pants. Life goal is to recreate something inspired by these droid beauties.

pants henry
No more needs to be said. Skinhead martial arts practising tree huggers knit their own pants.
You should too.

-We Love Pants


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